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We publish the DataTrek Morning Briefing, a daily email on markets, data and disruption. All content comes from Nick Colas and Jessica Rabe, two highly experienced market professionals who are frequently quoted in the major financial press. We help make our clients’ investment process more profitable, robust and efficient.

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Our Value Proposition

We provide objective investment analysis based on an in-depth understanding of the data that moves asset prices. We dig into the most important investment themes of the day and deliver differentiated, actionable insights. Our collective +40 years of investment experience allows us to separate signal from noise, giving our clients consistently useful insight.

Our Product

We publish 5 days a week (Sun – Thu). Each report has 3 sections: Markets, Data and Disruption. The first two cover current investment issues, from valuation to economic trends. The last is a wider-ranging discussion of important tech-based trends that affect public companies. We design each report to be a 10-15 minute read, ideal for the busy investment professional.

Our Clients

By subscribing to the DataTrek Morning Briefing, you’ll be in excellent company. We have +1,000 paying customers (hedge funds, asset managers, RIAs, family offices, high net worth investors), spread across 3 dozen countries around the world. Our +90% retention rate since our founding in 2017 is a testament to their ongoing satisfaction with our work.

Wall Street’s go-to commentary for differentiated and actionable investment ideas.