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Why DataTrek Research?

Unconventional Markets Data and Insight

Every capital market around the world shares one fact: investors and traders create stories about data to determine prices. To outperform, you need to know the next chapter of those stories before others do.

That’s where DataTrek comes in, delivering a daily email broken down into these sections:

  • Markets: we distill complex market narratives to their core, actionable essentials
  • Data: we give a snapshot of the numbers moving markets and how to profit from them
  • Disruption: we unpack the greatest story of the 21st century – technological disruption – and what it means for asset prices

Decades of Real World Financial Experience

  • Co Founder Nick Colas started his finance career in 1991 as a senior equity analyst at Credit Suisse, worked directly for Steve Cohen at SAC Capital, and has been a widely followed market strategist for +14 years. He was the first person on Wall Street to cover bitcoin (2013), appears regularly on CNBC and Bloomberg, and is widely quoted in the financial press.
  • Co Founder Jessica Rabe is a published author on complex finance topics (Alts Democratized, Wiley 2014). She is a recognized thought leader on issues as diverse as US equity market volatility, the US legal marijuana industry, and millennial finance.
  • Nick and Jessica have worked together since 2014 and started DataTrek in mid-2017.

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