The Guardian: “Tesla to be examined by SEC over Elon Musk’s ‘funding secured’ tweet – report”

Excerpt from The Guardian quoting DataTrek co-founder Nick Colas on Tesla potentially going private:

…..”But if a buyer emerges, that too could spook the markets, warned Nick Colas at DataTrek Research in a client note, since it could mark a risk-taking peak for corporate America.

Colas compared a Tesla sale to RJR Nabisco’s take-private in 1988, AOL’s purchase of Time Warner in 2000 or Goldman Sachs’ bundling of toxic mortgages in 2007, all bad, era-defining deals.

“While we are not superstitious by nature, we do fear this transaction looks an awful lot like other deals done at the peak of prior cycles,” Colas wrote, and gave it a name: “Tesla top”…..

Read the whole article here in The Guardian!

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