DealBook: “Tech Stocks Are Hitting Highs as Economic Uncertainty Rises”

DealBook’s latest article quoting DataTrek co-founder Nick Colas:

“Investors have returned to the safety and growth of the biggest technology stocks.

Five big tech companies — Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix and Nvidia — closed at historic highs on Tuesday. Alibaba and Facebook have done the same in recent days. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite has returned to record territory, up 8 percent since the end of April. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average remain 4.3 percent and 6.8 percent off the records they set on Jan. 26″….

…”Investors have been well served by the current global dominance of American tech companies, and yet there is plenty of chatter about changing this winning approach,’ Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, said in a recent note”….

Read the full article here in the NYT!

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