Cryptonomist: “DataTrek Research: cryptocurrencies are destined to climb back up”

Excerpt of the Cryptonomist quoting DataTrek Research:

…..”It’s no secret that 2018 was a year to be forgotten for cryptocurrencies and DataTrek Research agrees in its last report.

Bitcoin’s increase of 20% from the lows of August 14, however, bodes well for the rest of the year, especially if you consider that interest has never vanished completely and that crypto wallets have grown in number in the last two months.

Nicholas Colas, Co-founder of DataTrek Research who has been following and analyzing the cryptocurrency industry from his New York offices for five years, is of the opinion that despite all the losses incurred, “the industry continues to grow” in all respects.

Since the beginning of the year, investors have placed 6.7 billion dollars in tokens issued through fundraising operations (ICOs). In May and June, well beyond the bubble period, ICOs attracted $800 million per month in investments”….

Read the whole article here on the Cryptonomist!

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