CNBC: “Here’s how one analyst sees the S&P 500 doubling in the next decade”

Excerpt from CNBC’s latest article quoting DataTrek Research:

….. “The stock market has more than quadrupled since its recession low more than nine years ago. So getting it to double in the next 10 years? A piece of cake.

The question, according to Nick Colas, co-head of DataTrek Research, is “not if or when, but how” the S&P 500 will get to 6,000 in the ensuing decade, a move that actually would represent a 108 percent gain from its closing level Tuesday.

“The math here isn’t especially daunting: 7% price appreciation to see that level, and layering on a 2% yield gets you to a 9% total return without reinvestment,” Colas said in his daily market note. “That’s below the 50-year average total return (10.1%) and close to the 2008-2017 experience (8.4%).”

Instead of focusing on the actual move, investors’ time may be better spent thinking about what factors will drive the next move higher”……

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