CNBC: “As earnings kick off, traders look to 2019 predictions for direction”

Excerpt from Bob Pisani’s latest piece for CNBC quoting DataTrek’s Nick Colas:

….. “Keeping revenue growth strong is thus crucial to the stock outlook going into 2019. “If interest rates are in fact permanently higher, then organic earnings growth (driven by revenues) must rise or valuations will fall,” DataTrek’s Nicholas Colas wrote recently. “That’s the cruel simplicity of equity valuation math.”

2. Tariffs. Skeptics are fond of scoffing at the tariff effect, claiming that in the overall grand scheme, tariffs are not material to any but a few companies. It’s true. Few companies so far have stated that earnings would be falling specifically due to tariffs, but many are dropping hints”…..

Read the whole article here on CNBC!

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