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Roadmap to Wall Street – A Young Professional’s Guide to a Job in Finance

Wall Street isn’t just a strip of asphalt in downtown New York.  It is a hoped-for career destination for thousands of current college students and recent grads.  But unlike the physical place, there is no set route for college students and recent grads to take on their way to a career in finance.

This book offers you, the aspiring Wall Street professional, a detailed and personal guide to achieve your early career goals.  We help you answer the hard questions, like:

  • What kind of job and company will fit your personality?
  • How do you network and prepare for interviews?
  • What important concepts do you need to master?
  • How is technology disrupting the financial services industry, and what sorts of “FinTech” companies might be good places to start a career?
  • What if you aren’t a business, accounting or economics major or your grades aren’t great?
  • And how do your organize your life to accomplish your professional goals?

The authors have a combined +35 years of experience answering these questions from two distinct perspectives.

  • Nick Colas has worked continuously on Wall Street since his first summer job in 1984.  His experience ranges from being a top rated investment analyst to working for one of the most storied hedge fund managers in the business.  Over the years he has mentored many young finance professionals and helped them achieve their goals.  He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and an undergrad degree in Near Eastern Archeology from Haverford College.
  • Jessica Rabe graduated high school at 16 and finished college before her 20th birthday.  In the three years since then, she has become a recognized expert in topics as broad as millennial finance and the legal US marijuana business.  She has a bachelor’s degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Economics from Gordon College.

Together, Nick and Jessica bring the best of “old” and “new” Wall Street to help you find your way as you start your career.

Alts Democratized

“Alts Democratized: A Practical Guide to Alternative Mutual Funds and ETFs” is a hands-on guide that offers financial advisors and individual investors the tools and analysis to enhance client portfolios using alternative mutual funds and ETFs. Well-grounded in research and replete with more than 100 exhibits of Lipper data, “Alts Democratized” profiles the top ten funds in each of the eleven Lipper liquid alt classifications. This includes total net assets, fund flows, risk and return metrics, and the factor exposures that drive performance and help explain correlations to various forms of beta. Jessica Lynn Rabe and Robert J. Martorana, CFA, combine this research with a comprehensive framework for fund selection and portfolio construction to enhance the asset allocation process, facilitate portfolio customization, and manage client expectations.

In addition, the book includes functional perspectives on issues pertinent to financial advisors such as fees, client suitability, and volatility management. This helps advisors apply the concepts to portfolios and offer actionable investment advice. The authors also interviewed executives at leading wealth management firms to provide color on industry trends and best practices.

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