Barron’s: “It’s Been a Rough 20 Years for Stocks. The Next 20 Should Be a Lot Better”

Excerpt from Barron’s quoting DataTrek’s Nick Colas:

…. “It might not feel like it after a decade-long bull market, “but we are coming off 20 of the worst years for compounded returns since the Great Depression,” says Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research. The average trailing 20-year market CAGR since 1928 is 10.7%. Blame the two negative-35%-plus bear markets since 2000.

This low return has given birth to, among other things, the rise of passive investing and the growth of exchange-traded funds. It has forced commissions down and encouraged the use of automation to further reduce broker expenses. Institutional investors, pension funds, and sovereign-wealth funds have taken on more risk—shoveling money to venture capital and private equity—to make their required rates of return, typically 7% to 10%, Colas says”….

Read the full article here on Barron’s!

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